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Illuminated Industries is the leader in the illuminated furniture hire market. Our fresh and innovative illuminated furniture hire service offers an exclusive line of illuminated furniture for your wedding, corporate or social event.

Catering for everything from private gatherings for a few right through to corporate events for a few thousand, Illuminated Industries gives your event an incredible ambience like no other. Designed and manufactured completely in-house we pride ourselves on the quality of the furniture we offer and our completely unique battery operated and remote controlled LED lighting system that offers 15 different colours and 4 different pulse and strobe effects.

Both our furniture and lighting systems are specifically designed for the rental industry, boasting a robust furniture product range and lights that exceed a 24 hour run time.

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  • Spheres (Hire)

    Spheres (Hire)

    We have spheres in three different sizes perfect for decorations.

    40(diameter)cm, Cost Per Day: $60
    60(diameter)cm, Cost Per Day: $90
    80(diameter)cm, Cost Per Day: $160

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  • Event Flooring (Hire)


    The event flooring is waterproof, so perfect to use behind the bar, as a pathway or to create a colourful dance floor.
    *Please note: event flooring does not come with lighting effect options however can be hired in red, blue, green, black or yellow.

    Dimensions: 100(W) x 100(D)cm [1 square meter]

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  • Large Cylinder (Hire)

    Large Cylinder

    The large cylinder can be used as a decorative floor lamp, as a display post or marking a pathway or entrance. The Large Cylinders are also ideal for red carpet events & entries.

    Dimensions: 30(diameter) x 115(H)cm

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  • Round Stool (Hire)

    Round Stool

    The round stool can be used as a stool, coffee table or display post. The height of these stools makes them brilliant dining chairs for any of our tables.

    Dimensions: 38(diameter) x 43(H)cm

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  • Open Cube (Hire)

    Open Cube

    The open cube can be used for a range of different display options both singularly or stacked with multiple cubes to make an illuminated feature wall.

    Dimensions: 43(W) x 43(D) x 43(H)cm
    Inside dimensions: 33(W) x 33(D) x 23(H)cm

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  • Closed Cube (Hire)

    Closed Cube

    The closed cube can be used as a stool, coffee table, small display box or stacked with multiple cubes to create an illuminated feature wall. The height of the cubes makes them work perfectly with our dining tables.

    Dimensions: 43(W) x 43(D) x 43(H)cm

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