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An Innovation Original

At Illuminated Industries we wanted not only the best illuminated furniture but also to be the only company with a unique fully wireless remote controlled light unit, so we decided to make our own!

We are the only illuminated hire company with our own plastic extrusion and roto moulding plant and in house mould makers. Our unique light units are designed and made by our own technicians and have set a new benchmark in the illuminated furniture industry.

Our range of furniture constantly evolves as we have an in house design team.
We do not have to wait for the trends to change but rather set those trends ourselves.

We are always looking for new ideas and adding furniture pieces relevant to what our customers want.

At Illuminated Industries we truly believe in our products and pride ourselves on our service. Whether it’s an intimate gathering for a private party or a large scale event for one of our events management clients, our promise of great customer service doesn’t change.